• $20,000,000 renovation
• $3,000,000 local grant
• Over 100,000 Square Feet
• Eligible for NMTC and HTC

Built in 1929 during the boom times.  It opened to hard times as the great depression was beginning.  Celebrity guests have included President Herbert Hoover, Elvis Presley and Lawrence Welk.

The Settles was last occupied by paying guests in 1980.  As many smaller cities have experienced, the city of Big Spring, Texas has lost population over the last decade.  Numerous efforts and attempts have been made to restore the hotel and to revitalize the downtown core.  The community is strongly supportive of the revitalization efforts.  The Settles is so critical to the community efforts that the Moore Development Board (a local government entity) has agreed to fund $3,000,000 of the projected $20 million renovation costs.

The city’s municipal auditorium is an art deco classic.  It has seating capacity of 300.  A new conference center facility is under consideration as a part of the city’s revitalization efforts.  The center would utilize the auditorium for large presentations and break out rooms in the Settles for group meetings and dining.  The Settles ballroom would be well positioned to host many of the key events.  A new facility to host exhibition space would be built nearby.  Parking would intentionally be scattered.  The result would be a conference center that encourages pedestrian traffic on the street in the downtown core.

The Settles is the most prominent building in ‘downtown’ Big Spring.  The municipal auditorium is on the far right of the picture.  The rail yard serves as an effective boundary to contain the downtown area

The Settles Hotel
Big Spring, Texas

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